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A leader in sustainable city development


Increasing urbanization in countries like China and India offer great opportunities to apply Eco-City principles.  Those same technologies and policies can be used to revitalize American cities.  Learn how cities are applying energy efficiency and renewable energy to become more sustainable and successful.


Integrated Seawater Agriculture Systems brings 40 years of aquaculture experience to help make deserts bloom.   Mark Ginsberg has joined old friend and colleague, Carl Hodges, in a venture to utilize Salicornia for biofuels and other benefits, Salicornia seeds can produce food, fuel and fodder in arid lands – all from saltwater.

Water and Energy

Mark has said that “water is good only if you heat it, treat it, or pump it – and all that requires energy.”  The link between energy and water is inextricable.  There are strategies to reduce energy waste in water systems.